On this page we honour friends who are or have been making contributions to the many tasks and responsibilities involved in, e.g., maintenance, promotion, mediation and publication of the Work.


A representative internet platform for anthroposophy in Switzerland:


Independent internet platform for anthroposophy in Germany.  Lorenzo Ravagli:

Cygnus Books

Cygnus Books publishes a monthly Review magazine, sent free of charge to its members; which featured "A Book of the Dead" by Gerhard Reisch in 2005 and 2006:

Manfred Dubach

Born 1953 CH. Digital Photographer of pictures by Gerhard Reisch. A Pioneer in the technical development of digital photography in Europe. Designer. Studio for Photography and Advertising:

Hai-Yen Hua-Ströfer

Born Taiwan. Restoration of original pictures by Gerhard Reisch. Authorised expert for works of art on paper and textiles working for museums and private collections. Hai Yen Institute for the Conservation of Works of Art:

Ilse K. Müller

Born 1951 DE. Hyazinth Institute for Knowledge of Substances engaged in the cooperative development of the human being with the world:

Jehanne Mehta

Born 1941 UK. Translator from German into English for the Lifework of Gerhard Reisch. Bard, singer, songwriter, poet. Practice for healing through voice and hands. Earthwards Troubador Band with Rob Mehta & Will Mercer:

Schreinerei Dorfgemeinschaft Lautenbach

Master Carpenter Workshop for storage cases and frames for original pictures by Gerhard Reisch:

New View

New View is a quarterly magazine published at Easter, Midsummer, Michaelmas and Christmas. The four seasons and their related festivals provide a context for contemporary events, issues and insights shared through its pages. Images by Gerhard Reisch are sometimes reproduced to accompany content:

Peter Heathfield

Born 1923 UK. Editorial Consultant for English editions of texts by Gerhard Reisch. 1940 administration; 1953 social work - child care; 1956 teaching in state and "Waldorf" schools; 1986 librarian at Rudolf Steiner House London; 1992 editor, composer of church music for The Christian Community; water colorist; mathematical model builder; until recently walks 5 miles a day.

René Pennings

Born 1956 NL. Studies: English and American language and literature, remedial education, haptonomy, organic design, biography. Came into contact with the work of Gerhard Reisch for the first time in 1987. Made first Dutch translation of "A Path of Knowledge in Pictures". Translator of the Dutch version of the Gerhard Reisch Foundation website:

Richard Leachman

Born 1947. Strategic development consultant working with individuals and companies. Supports ongoing editorial work with English language texts published by the Gerhard Reisch Foundation:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sterbekultur

Working Community for a creating and nurturing a Culture of Dying. A Special Branch of the Anthroposophical Society founded 2007 in in Dornach, Switzerland. Franz Ackermann, Monika Pfenninger:

Forum for a Culture of Dying How to die? Questions and answers from an anthropsophical perspective:

Uwe Buermann

Born 1968 DE. Media Consultant for the Work of Gerhard Reisch. Teacher of computer sciences - Rudolf Steiner Schule Hamburg Farmsen. Scientific collaborator with: IPSUM Institute for Education, Sensory and Media Ecology. Lecturer and author. Books "Techno, Internet, Cyberspace", Stuttgart 1998. Numerous articles in various professional journals. Interview about "Addiction" in the Flensburger Hefte, Nr. 85:

Marijcke van Hasselt

Born 1942 NL. Mediation of "A Book of the Dead" in The Netherlands. Jurist; since 2000 collaborator with the Aurora Foundation promoting auxillary care in relation to working with dying and after death out of a background of spiritual scientific research:

Wederzijds ("Reciprocity") active since 2007 - Foundation 2009 - for every person and group in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium involved with dying. The foundation organises thematic meetings, exchange of experiences, study-groups, tries to stimulate collaboration between persons with the same professions or interests, and mediates knowledge and actual reports, etc.:

Gunhild von Kries

Born 1954 DE. Musician. Music therapist. Develops stringed instruments, called "Tähtivirta" (star stream). Instrument workshop. Beekeeper. Researching the realm of sound, tone and their healing powers. Author of the book "Time Heals" (Oratio - German) with reproductions of images by Gerhard Reisch concerning five high festivals of the year:

Die Welle

"The Wave". A complimentary Journal with reports about initiatives, news, notices and an events calendar, which is published and distributed around Lake Constance by the
Interessengemeinschaft für Lebensgestaltung e.V.. The Gerhard Reisch Foundation has been announcing its activates regionally therein since 2000. Editor Ingid Feustel & Gabriele Bossert:

"Die Welle" is a project sponsored by der Interessengemeinschaft für Lebensgestaltung e.V.; whichassociation supports the initial foundation phase of new initiatives, to enrichen the social and cultural landscape in and around Wangen, and collaborates with many other initiatives in the region. Ingrid Feustel:

Wynstones Press

The English edition "A Book of the Dead" by Gerhard Reisch is designed, produced and distributed in collaboration with: