Keeper of the Watch

High on the border hills of the world,
Where the realms of night begin,
Stands your eternal I,
Looking calmly down
At the bustling life in the realms of earth.
In the weaving of the ethers,
What the earthly human being has created
Of eternal value, rises upwards.
This your eternal I takes up
And absorbs into itself.
Calmly it gazes down and guides
The earthly human being through the confusion
Of destiny relationships.
Thus your eternal I watches over you.

by Gerhard Reisch about Picture 23
out of
A Path of Knowledge in Pictures

About the texts of Gerhard Reisch

These verses, although written some years ago and often for specific individuals or for special circumstances, are still relevant today. Whilst they are not intended to be read as poetry, they are poetic and require of us that we make an effort to understand their inner content, for the esoteric meaning is not always explicit.

Beautiful word pictures are to be found in these verses, able to imbue us with the awareness that Gerhard Reisch himself had of the spiritual that is concealed behind the outer appearances. He was not only a writer but also a painter and musician. His sensitivity and deep reverence for nature, together with his meditative approach, resulted in his becoming aware, whilst painting, of elemental beings and with whom he was able to commune. During his lifetime, he met with much adversity over which he triumphed and in so doing, aided by his study of spiritual science, he achieved a deep understanding of the nature and destiny of Man, the Cosmos and the mighty Beings who are active within it.

He was able to follow the destiny of friends who passed through the gate of death, being acutely aware of their need of us and of what we can do for them, as well as what they can do for us. He was intensely aware of the activity of the angels and the work they do on behalf of the dead and the living.

The translator, in her sensitive rendering of these verses, has given the English reader the opportunity to benefit from the spiritual perceptions of Gerhard Reich. Reading these verses on a regular basis can strengthen the imagination and be of immense value to all of us who are seeking self?development and a way forward with the many difficulties and crises with which we have to cope on our earthly path.

Peter Heathfield

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