At the Threshold

The soul has to overcome strong resistances in the rossing from sense-bound existence to a state of freedom from sensuality. These resistances occur because the soul has to separate from its former style of inner life, from thinking, feeling and willing as these appear in the sense-world.
The soul must become conscious of the forces which stand behind thinking, feeling and willing in life on earth. It must learn to channel these forces into another direction, in the direction of the spiritual world.
It will only succeed when its interest in the spiritual world is at least as great as that for the earthly world. The strongest force of courage is required to achieve this. A true death will be experienced.
The three beasts appear on the threshold: earthbound thinking, earthdirected willing, personal egoistical feeling.

Gerhard Reisch about Picture 6
out of
A Path of Knowledge in Pictures

Application of the Work

The images and meditations
offer many possibilites
and openings, eg.:

Viewing and Reading …
at festivals, gatherings
and events.

Inspiration and Research …
in conversation, creative activity,
play and schooling in groups.

Support and Development …
of pedagogical, therapeutic
artistic and social processes.

Clarification and Transformation …
of the life and unfolding of
individual biography, karmic
undertaking and destiny aims.

Serving and Enrichment …
of lectures, seminars, training,
supervision and coaching.

Enhanced Learning and Evolution …
in organisations, associations,
families and communities.

Promotion and Celebration …
of traditions, initiatives, rituals,
transitions and sacraments.



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