Why become a Godparent … and what's involved?

The Life Work of Gerhard Reisch encompasses his contribution to the development of human beings both in community and as individuals.

The Foundation is convinced that access to facilities for reproducing individual pictures using digital technology processes should be consciously supported and accompanied by friends of the Life Work.

The considerable technical preparation which is required, so that an image is ready to print and to be ordered, costs € 250, even with sponsorship by photographer Manfred Dubach in Switzerland, and by international prining machine manufacturer Océ of Germany.

Although it has been possible for us to proceed slowly with the digital photographic archiving, the Foundation is only able to facilitate the
individual reproduction of pictures once they have 'found' their Godparents.

Becoming a Godparent of a picture of your choice, which is also possible as a group, involves the granting of a gift of € 250.

As a sign of recognition and gratitude, each Godparent receives a high quality colour print of the chosen picture in A3 or A4 format, according to the number of persons involved.

Current archive lists of the pictures are available for you to view at www.gerhardreisch.com, under the main menu headings "Godparents"
and "Publishing"; including images of some of those pictures which are 'seeking' Godparents, as well as those from which reproductions can already be ordered.

Friends without access to the internet may get directly into contact with us!

Conditions subject to change.