About the Reproduction of the Pictures

Some 300 original pictures belong to the archive of the Life Work of Gerhard Reisch.

Following thorough investigation and consultation, the Foundation decided to make a majority of the images across all thematic categories available through
digital reproduction technology, so that they can be ordered individually by anyone, in standard A4 and A3 formats on 280 gram card, and in the original size.

The studio of Manfred Dubach in Switzerland is entrusted with the task of performing digital photography of the highest quality. "Mother data"
which he creates is being archived using permanent high security storage media.

Copyrights for all forms of reproduction originating from the Life Work of Gerhard Reisch are protected by exercising discipline in the management of relationships, the media and their applications, at all levels of responsibility, legality and trust.

Reproduction of the images up to the A3 format is realised through co-operation with and sponsorship by Océ of Germany using the Océ CPS900 Platinum Colour Copy Press digital printing system with seven process colours and Océ Direct Imaging Technology.

The actual printing, packing and despatch of reproductions with A4 and A3 formats is enabled by Bookstation Digital Printing Works under the direction of Henning Siegmund.

The selection of the printing technology which is to be used for reproduction of images in the original size has not yet been conclusively resolved.
We will be able to identify the right partner to co-operate with through experience.

Images which are already available for reproduction may be ordered through www.gerhardreisch.com and also by telephone, telefax or through the post.
Gerhard Reisch Publishing remains as always at your service to answer your questions and help accordingly.

Conditions subject to change.