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Gerhard Reisch Foundation - Forum

The Gerhard Reisch Foundation offers a platform here for the development of a "Forum" through which friends of the Life Work of Gerhard Reisch all over the World may get to know each other and cultivate contact with one another.

Understandably, this section of has security requirements which generate expenses beyond those already involved in the maintainance of the website as a whole. Therefore, we offer the possibility of registering as a "Friend of the Life Work of Gerhard Reisch".

Those who wish to receive an "Access Key" (Password) to "Forum" are requested to confirm their agreement concerning the sharing of their name and contact details, and to make a yearly financial contribution.

How to get your password

In "Forum" a page will be made available for each registered Friend to describe their interests in, or connections to the Work. One can for example share one's individual methodologies and applications in relation to the Work, as well as introducing something about one's own initiatives and life experience.

The purpose of "Forum", is similar to that of promoting the Work of Gerhard Reisch through books and reproductions, namely to facilitate the activity and service rendered by his Life Work on the level where, through the endeavour of all concerned, its actual spiritual potential is realised.

You come to the entrance of "Forum" via "Portal" (please click the button above to the left)