Gerhard Reisch Foundation

Charitable Trust established Germany 1981.

The Foundation is responsible for preserving, protecting and mediating the entire artistic, healing and social-pedagogical Life Work of Gerhard Reisch (1899-1975) to serve the development of individuals and communities.

Friends who contact the Foundation can receive regular news about developments connected with his Life Work.

The Foundation welcomes new enquiries, provides information and is always open to new ideas and initiatives, particularly the organisation of events. such as Seminars and Conferences, which this Life Work is able to serve.

As a Registered Charity, all gifts are gratefully received and may be tax-deductible.

Gerhard Reisch Publishing
manages copyright usage and distribution
in connection with the Life Work.

Christopher Bee
Ilse K. Müller
Jehanne Mehta

Gerhard Reisch Foundation

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