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At the Threshold – The Way to the Light
Introduction to the mantric texts and pictures
in "A Book of the Dead" by Gerhard Reisch

TI 10 Totenwache
published in Stil - Goetheanism in Art und Science
by Fran Ackermann in German Michaeli 2011

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Attention as a Deed
Pictures about the Elemental Beings by Gerhard Reisch can help
on the Path of Imagination towards Meetings with Nature Beings

NE 39 Hierarchien und Elementarwesen
published in Stil - Goetheanism in Art und Science
by Torben Maiwald in German Ostern 2011

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Aus der Welt der Elementarwesen
Review of the Portfolio published in January 2012

NE 03 Zwei Gnome
published in New View UK 2012 und Art Section USA 2013
by Peter Heathfield in Englisch

PDF - Download

published in Die Drei D 2012
by Michaela Spaar in Deutsch

PDF - Download

published in Agora CH und Stil D 2012
by Karsten Massei in Deutsch

PDF - Download

published in Anthroposophy Worldwide 2012
by Cornelia Friedrich in German and English

PDF - Download

published in www.anthromedia.net und www.anthrosuisse.ch
by Martin Studer in Deutsch

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It will be so in the future and is already now (after John 4, 23)

Inverted Cultus 1965 (130 x 100 cm) MG 38gSymposium
and Seminars

Monday 15.
Friday 19.
October 2012

Kloster Fischingen
Wil 8376 Switzerland
by Lake Constance
near Zurich




Inverted Cultus 1965 (130 x 100 cm) MG 38g

who dares greatly can gain greatly

GR Words for Living 1 Shining Traveller p. 69


From the Realm of Elemental Beings

The new portfolio is here ... !

with 36 A4 reproductions,
including verses, texts and
commentaries by Gerhard Reisch,
and also by Prof. Klaus Dörter,
in English and German.

€ 50 / Sfr 75 / £ 45 plus despatch

Human being, do you seek nature?

Human being, nature desires
to reveal herself to you in beauty,
but your mind is dull.
You seek nature
and find only illusion.
Seek the divine in nature
and penetrate into the depths
of your own existence.
That is how you will find nature.
The world within you,
your own being within the world:
these are the magic words
which will release you from your fetters,
take the blindfold from your eyes.
You would seek nature?
You yourself are nature!
And however you develop yourself,
you take nature with you.
On your own quiet path
will nature be freed from enchantment.
Human being, do you seek nature?
O seek the divine in nature
and it will be set free.

Gerhard Reisch

Monograph zum Leben und Werk von Gerhard Reisch

In 2009 a German language (only) Monograph about the Life Work of Gerhard Reisch was published by Anton Kimpfler. This a limited edition, so we recommend those who are interested to order copies direct from the publisher as soon as possible:

Feedback is above all rich in gratitude for the opportunity to be able to get to know Gerhard Reisch, the person, better through so many different narratives.

The following is a selection out of the contents (GR = Gerhard Reisch):

The Realm of Laurin King of the Dwarves by AnneGret Reisch
Biographical Overview by GR
Support for Spiritual Striving by Anton Kimpfler
Since the beginning ... by Ernst Lippold
Memories of Gerhard Reisch by Konrad Päzold
Grace at Table by GR 1943
Gerhard Reisch and the Demeter Movement by AnneGret Reisch
Inexpressible Gratitude by Irene Gölitz
In the Labour Camp by GR 1945
Courage to Serve by Margarete Hellinger
Memories by Ingo und Christa Iglisch
About his Pictures and his Painting by Erika Fengler
Exhibition in the Goetheanum 1968 and
Meeting with Gerhard Reisch by Johannes Bierende
United in our Work by Ernst Hagemann
About the Work of Gerhard Reisch by Rudolf Bodenlos
Gerhard Reisch's Painting Stool by Ingeborg Ehlgötz
About the Creation of the Pictures by GR

... and much more

King Laurin and his Rose Garden
Natural Elemental Beings in the artistic work of Gerhard Reisch

published in Stil - Goetheanism in Art and Science
by Prof. Klaus Dorter Michaeli 2009


The Human Double and Shadow
Modern companions of individual development

published in "Die Welle" issue 52 März-Mai 2010
von Christopher Bee 09.01.2010


Opening of the Dutch Portal for the Work of Gerhard Reisch

Dear Friends of the Work of Gerhard Reisch,
We are very pleased to announce the public opening of the Dutch version of our Website:


Gerhard Reisch travelled often to the Netherlands with original pictures, where his Work was so warmly welcomed and appreciated, that he almost decided to move there to live and work before the Second World War. This was, however, not to be his destiny; but the relationship between Dutch peoples and his Work remains strong to this day. Which is why we decided that a Dutch version of our Website is very important. Already A Book of the Dead and A Path of Knowledge in Pictures are widely distributed in the Netherlands, for which Dutch translations are also available.

Very special thanks to René Pennings (see Links), who prepared the Dutch translation and is acting editor the Dutch version of Forum. Thanks also to his compatriots Marijcke van Hasselt and Leo Beth, close friends of the Work, who help us with proof reading and are editorial consultants for translation of texts by Gerhard Reisch into the Dutch language. Praise also to our dedicated Webmaster, Walter Seyffer, who says he is always taken to the threshold of his capabilities, when working with this magnificent presentation of the Work of Gerhard Reisch on the World Wide Web ... the Internet.

Indeed, because the Netherlands is a great trading nation, we know that there are also communities connected with the Dutch language all over the world. Warm greetings to all Dutch, and dutch speaking, friends ... welcome to the Work of Gerhard Reisch ... may it serve you well.

December 2009

A Forum for Friends of the Work of Gerhard Reisch

Together with the first and second pillars of the Work of Gerhard Reisch, ie. Image and Word, the third pillar connected with Community Building can develop further through the Forum, in alignment with the evolution of destiny and freedom.

The main purpose of this forum is to enable friends of the Work to make each other's acquaintance, and engage in independent individual private exchange with each other about the Work or other issues of mutual interest.

In Forum you have the possibility to gain access to foreign language translations of writings by Gerhard Reisch held in the Archive which could not yet be published.

Here you will also find a picture gallery where you can view pictures additional to those in the public Archive, which have been digitally photographed, but do not yet have Godparents, and, therefore, have not yet been released for printing by our Publishing House.

To access these facilities you will need a personal password in order to enter this secure area of our website.




A greeting from Gerhard Reisch

Dear souls of friends,
uniting with me in earthly life,
you will I seek
when, freed from my body,
I am living in the realms of spirit.
And I will help you,
I will bring you the light of understanding.
For this I am preparing in my earthly life.
The host of light bearers must grow
in the spiritual spheres,
so that in the future souls may no longer
have to suffer hindrance,
in the land of spirit.

from "A Book of the Dead"

Newsletter for Friends of the whole Life Work
of Gerhard Reisch Winter 2006-2007
including: In Memorium AnneGret Reisch 1926 - 2006

Dear friends, AnneGret Reisch crossed the threshold of death
on 8th September 2006 after a full 80 years of life.


The Healing Power of Art
An example in the Life Work of Gerhard Reisch (1899-1975)

published in Die Welle issue 36 March-May 2006
and in Stil - Goetheanism Art Science issue 1/2009
by Christopher Bee 26.01.2006

PDF-Download - 299 KB


Two Gnomes
with a Blue Flower
Image NE 34. 1967
(73 x 68 cm)

With the following words from the wife of Gerhard Reisch and first patron of his Foundation, we invite you to explore some new sections on our website.

Dear Esteemed Friends,

May I offer my words of heartfelt thanks for your loving generous participation which helps enable the pictures of my husband to be made available as high quality reproductions in different formats. I have often been asked about this over the years, and as of 2006 this will now be possible.

The Foundation is realising the words of Gerhard Reisch: "Only one who dares greatly, can gain greatly". This becomes possible only by working together, but then it is assured.

Thank you for your courage and for your trust!

With the help of the Spiritual World"… united through new deeds…" into the future.

Sincerely yours, AnneGret Reisch

How you can become a "Godparent" to a picture, and why this helps develop the possibilty of reproducing the pictures is explained here:


Now you can view the Archive Listing of Pictures arranged in six thematic categories, including images of those pictures which have already found their "Godparents", and which you may therefore order as reproductions through the Gerhard Reisch Verlag.

In addition you can see images of the some of the pictures which are still searching for "Godparents":


"A Book of the Dead" by Gerhard Reisch - the English edition

This book with 47 verses and meditations, and 16 colour images, is now in its 4th edition with the original German. We are very pleased to announce the publication of the English edition of this valuable work on 2nd November 2005; with an exemplary translation by Jehanne Mehta, a foreword by Peter Heathfield, plus an additional 9 images, the original German text and the Dutch and French translations in the appendix. Production of this book has been achieved in collaboration with Stephen Goodall at Wynstones Press in Great Britain, who is also facilitating international distribution, as well as having organised launch events at the beginning of November in Great Britain with original pictures and verses spoken by Richard Ramsbotham and sung by Earthwards.
Please see
Calendar and Publication for further details.

The Work of Gerhard Reisch in relation to the media of the 21st Century;
between temptation and necessity.

Uwe Buermann, born 1968, is a teacher of computer sciences at the Rudolf Steiner School Hamburg Farmsen, scientific collaborator with IPSUM "Institute for Education, Sensory and Media Ecology", lecturer and author of the book "Techno, Internet, Cyberspace", Stuttgart 1998 as well as numerous articles in various professional journals. A current interview with him about "addiction" may be found in the Flensburger Hefte, Nr. 85. He is married and father of one daughter.

[original German text]

The seeing of pictures and the reproduction of images.


Manfred Dubach, born 1953, is an independent digital photographer and designer.
He is one of the foremost pioneers in the technical development of digital photography in Europe.

[original German text]