Gerhard Reisch was born on 19th January 1899 in Grünberg in Lower Silesia (then Germany now part of Poland) as the youngest of four siblings. His parents owned a water mill outside the town, so he received a sheltered upbringing surrounded by nature.

As a soldier at the front in the First World War in 1917, he had a deeply moving inner experience, whose decisive guidance prompted him to begin exploring the deeper questions of life.

Gerhard Reisch completed a teacher training in 1919. Impoverished by inflation, yet resolutely following his artisitic impulses, he enrolled at the Breslau Academy of Art in 1921. The unfavourable outer circumstances of the times did not influence his innermost search for understanding.
Thus as a student of Rudolf Steiner, he found his way into Anthroposophie.

In 1932, following the advice of his mentor Kurt Walter, at the edge of the forest by Grünberg, he built a small house, which became a spiritual centre for many friends. Travelling exhibitions to Holland and to various places in Germany provided a basis for living.

1945 brought expulsion from Silesia, the destruction of his current Life-Work and his transportation as a civilian prisoner to Russia. Instead of resisting his destiny, he pursued the "uncomfortable, steep path", which led him further into spiritual realms. Despite his weakening physical state, he overcame the hardest difficulties.

An arduous new beginning followed during 1947 in Berlin. In 1960 friends invited him to live in Freiburg; where his Life-Work came to its fulfilment. Unrecognised, yet in peace and humility, and honoured by many friends, with a deep love and empathy for his fellow human beings, Gerhard Reisch turned his gaze towards the Christ and entered the world of spirit on 11. February 1975.

He did not see his pictures as works of art, rather as his own meditative experiences. The observer has the possibility to awaken to imaginations, which can lead to perception of and deeper understanding of spiritual realms. Gerhard Reisch regarded interaction with his pictures and verses as a path.

A word from Rudolf Steiner: The artist becomes at first free when the forms and ideas of his work originate in the world of spirit. - Creation of a work of art culminates in the meeting between the observer and work of the artist.

AnneGret Reisch