Overview of the Contents

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following categories and themes:

Nature and Elemental Beings
Landscapes and the realms of
being of the Earth Sphere.
Path of Knowledge
Threshold experiences, the schooling
and trials of human beings.
Human Development
and Community Building
Cosmic evolution and
leadership in spirit worlds;
angels, pupils, partners and guides;
the Social Sphere and the Mysteries.
Healing and Adversary Beings
Temptation and transformation
in pathology and creation of health
in human beings and world events.
High Festivals and the Seasons
Human and cosmic rhythms,
their nature and working in
the life of the Earth and Culture.
Death and Incarnation
Dying and beyond the threshold,
Heavenly Spheres, the Midnight
Hour, destiny-weaving and rebirth.

Two Gnomes with a Blue Flower
Image NE 34. 1967 (73 x 68 cm)